A person receives a name a few days after their birth. However, there are many people who would like to change their own name or the name of their child later on in life. There could be various reasons for this; however, the process in certain cases can be quite complicated and take many months to complete.

Situations where name change is easy

The most common time a name change is done is for marriage or a divorce when changing last name is required. jyhtgrfedThis is for the female to either take on the husband’s name or to drop the husbands name. There is no provision here for the man to make a name change.

The authorities and courts look at changing a name in the above situation as a requirement and will do so when the required documentation is submitted, and a pettition is made. However, in other situations changing a name can be a long process and it will be best to make use of a law firm that can help you with the process.

Other situations where a name change may be considered

Changing the first names or last names can be considered for many reasons. Parents who would like to change their childrens name for purposes such as making the name more prominent or in a case of adoption etc. may need to fill in multiple documents and go through a lot of red tape in order to finalize it. However, an adult wishing to change their own name may need to prove that the reason is valid and that it is not to avoid any law enforcement due to an unfortunate past.

Witness protection

ujyhtgrfedName changes are also done by the law enforcement agencies themselves in the case of witness protection. If there is a person who has witnessed a serious crime and was to stand witness at trial but may be in danger, the authorities will suggest a name change but that is in cases that are serious, and they are done without informing the public.

A civilian wishing to change their name will have to place an advertisement in the newspapers to inform the general public that they are making a name change. If there are no complaints or issues brought forward after a stipulated period of time, the courts may decide to approve the name change.

Once a name change is completed, all government agencies, schools, etc. must be informed and then the new name can be used for all future needs.