Driving under the influence of either drugs or alcohol is a serious traffic offense in many states, and it attracts a lot of penalties. This is the reason why in case you find yourself in such a situation, it is always advisable to seek the services of a good DUI lawyer to represent you. The work of DUI attorney is to reduce the charges and punishment or make sure that you are not punished at all.

What are the possible punishments for DUI?

License suspension

This is something that many drivers dread, but it is likely to happen if you are not careful. A susdmfbnsmdbfnspended driving license means a lot of inconveniences on your part because you will not be able to drive until the suspension is lifted.

It is however very possible to avoid driving license suspension if you take action quickly and hire a good DUI lawyer. Before the suspension, you will have to appear in a court, and you will be represented by an attorney. If you lose the case, unfortunately, the driving license will be suspended.


Fines are very common with DUI, and most of them are enforceable immediately you are caught driving under the influence by a traffic officer. The amount of fine you pay will depend on many factors and sometimes it always negotiable depending on your attorney. Most of the DUI offense will always attract a certain level of fines.

Jail term

There are certain times when the judge might decide that you serve a jail term if you are caught driving under the influence. This is mostly done when you are caught driving under the influence of illegal drugs. You might also receive a jail term in the case during the time you were driving under the influence; you got involves in an accident that threatened your life or the life of people around you.

Alcoholic thdfdgffgsreatment program

The judge might argue that you need to undergo an alcoholic treatment program especially if you have been charged with DUI for several times. This means that you will have to attend classes with other people charged with DUI. In worst case scenarios, you might need to take the driving test all over again to prove your skills.

Habitual violator punishment

There is special kind of punishment that is given to people who have been termed as habitual offenders. Habitual offenders have been caught with the mistake so many times and they are given a permanent punishment based on their subsequent DUI charges.…