law3If you want to become an attorney, then you are probably wondering “How many years is law school?” The number of years you will have to spend in law school to get a degree will depend on the path you choose to take.

Before you can enter law school, the first step that you should take is to acquire a bachelor’s degree.

Currently, you do not need to have a particular bachelor’s degree in order to be accepted into law school. If you want to go law school, you simply must possess any bachelor’s degree. However, if you want to be prepared for law school, you will be better off picking certain subjects, such as criminal justice, history, philosophy, political science, etc.

If you intend to be a fulltime student, it will take you anywhere between 4 and 5 years to complete a typical bachelor’s program, whether from a college or a university. If you cannot attend fulltime, then the number of years it will take for you to complete this portion of your education will certainly be affected.

If you have community college credits already, you can also choose from degree completion programs,law2 while you can also do some research and look for programs that tend to fast track a bachelor’s degree. However, make sure that the school you enroll into is accredited. If you really want to become a law student, then it will be worthless to have an unaccredited degree.

Your GPA is another factor that you will have to consider. Getting accepted into law school can be a highly competitive process and if you have a low GPA, it may slow you down. After completing your bachelors, taking the LSAT test is the next phase after which you can apply to a law school. Getting accepted into law school can take up to one year, depending on available testing dates and study time, so you begin applying while you are earning your undergraduate degree.

Studying in law school is actually the final phase of acquiring a law degree and becoming a lawyer. Typically, 3 years is the average duration of law school programs. Unlike an undergraduate degree, you cannot choose your own pace once you are in law school. As a law student, you will have to complete the law program in 3 years. Although it is not the norm, a law school may grant an extension under special circumstances.lawSo, if you are still wondering “How many years is law school?” When all of the above factors are considered, it will take approximately 6 years if you decide to embark on the path to become a lawyer. If you have already earned a bachelor’s degree and you wish to enter law school now, you will end up studying for 3 to 4 years. Overall, if you are entering college, you can expect your law school studies to last up to 7 years.…

yerTaking up law and becoming a lawyer can be a very challenging career endeavor, and will require you to figure out how to become a lawyer.

This is due to the difficulty in learning the ups and downs, ins and outs of its industry and the time and energy that it takes to acquire all the required degrees and certifications. However, being a lawyer can be very rewarding. The job guarantees high pay and better career options.

Obtaining a College Degree
A college degree is a pre-requisite to getting admitted in a law school. To increase your chances of success, enroll in a reputable university and do well on your college years. This sets you up for the more difficult courses you will take in law school. And while you’re at it, consider reading law books to familiarize yourself with what’s going to come and serve as your primer to law school. This also lets you determine whether you want to take up law or not.

Participate In School Debates
Working on debates can sharpen skills such as fact-finding, presentation, and critical thinking, which are all required to become a lawyer. Another benefit to participating in these intellectual discussions is that it provides opportunities to meet new friends as well as improve your social skills. And as you get involve with it, keep in mind that debating is not about being an intimidating interrogator but about finding holes in the other party’s argument, and thinking on your feet.

Establish Social Connections with Professors
To get in law school, you will need to submit a recommendation letter from a professor or two. So, make sure that you do well in your classes and keep in touch with your professors. Also, do not hesitate to start casual conversations with them outside the class.

After Graduation: Making Preparations
If you want to go straight to law school after graduation you will need to do some preparations. First, you have to make sure that you have your budget for tuition fees in place. Next, start reviewing for the LSAT or the Law School Admission Test. In case you’re not familiar with it, the LSAT is an essential part of the admission process in most countries including United States and Canada. The test will gauge your acquired reading and reasoning skills, and will provide information law schools can use in assessing your application. Once you’ve passed the LSAT, you can start submitting applications to accredited law schools.

After Law Schoolyer2
One of the first things you should do after graduating from law school is to find a job, preferably in a law firm. While you’re at it, you can start preparing yourself for the state bar exam. And once you passed the state bar exam, finding a job as a lawyer in the law firm you’re in should be easy even if there is competition.

The difficulties that come with taking up law and working to become a lawyer can be easily outweighed by its rewards. So, if ever the time comes when you feel like giving up on it, quickly remind yourself of your personal reasons why you want to become a lawyer. And let this guide on how to become a lawyer serve as your reference.…