Criminal attorneys are specialized in dealing with criminal cases of dissimilar nature. They provide legal assistance to defendants who are accused in the court of law. Nowadays, there is an increase in illegal weapons possession. This explains why the government is tightening laws. If you are found with illegal firearms and weapons, you may face charges and severe penalties. You can seek the services of firearms defense attorney if you are charged with use, possession, or misuse of a firearm.

Federal laws have made it illegal to produce, import, or transact firearms across state lines. However, there are exceptions if you weapons and firearms attorney 1possess a license to deal in firearms. It is illegal for a person to distribute or sell a firearm to another person and he has knowledge that the buyer does not reside in the state. However, there are also exceptions such as loaning the firearm to carry out lawful sporting activities.

The law prohibits the transportation of particular types of weapons and firearms. For example, it will be illegal to carry a weapon that is classified to be destructive. Such weapons include grenades, mines, rockets, bombs, missiles, and other similar weapons. You are also prohibited from carrying rifles, shotguns, and machineguns. A machine gun is defined as a weapon that can fires more than a single shot automatically with a trigger of a function. It is illegal to own one. However, there are exceptions to these laws.

Straw purchasing of firearms is illegal. You should not buy firearms weapons and firearms attorney 2from a dealer using false statements whether written or oral. The same law applies to buyers using false identification with an aim to cheat on the ultimate owner or transaction legality. Preservation of serial numbers is protected under the firearms law. You will violate the law if you knowingly transport, deliver, or accept a firearm that has altered serial number.

There are groups of people who are barred from owning firearms. Such people include convicted felons, drug addicted people, people with mental impairments, illegal residents, people restrained by a court order, and those that have been discharged from police or military service dishonorably.

Conviction under the federal firearms law can result in a sentence of about ten years plus a fine. This will depend on a particular crime. The sentence can increase depending on the way the firearm was used. For instance, if it was used in connection with drug trafficking. The government will not have to prove that a weapon or firearm was capable of being fired or working.…